Kansas City Food Artisans

Food has always been a large part of Kansas City’s heritage, beginning with the ethnic diversity of those who settled the area and the wonderful new foods, recipes and traditions they brought with them. Starting with the cattle drives and the railroads, our rich farmlands and geographic location made us a transportation hub for cattle, dairy and farm goods to the rest of the nation.  We are the home of many small food enterprises which went on to become national brands.

marshmallow candy cup

Chase Candy Company

Home of Cherry Mash

marshmallow chocolate

Goetze Candy Company

Goetze’s Original Caramel Creams & Cow Tales. Chewy Caramel with a Cream Center.

Valomilk Chocolate Candy

The Atkinson Candy Company

Makers of Chick-O-Stick and other fine candy.

Valomilk Chocolate

Bogdon Chocolates

Confections of Perfection

old fashioned candy

Standard Candy Company

Home of GooGoo Clusters

old fashioned candy cup

Idaho Candy Company

Delivering the Finest Candy & Service since 1901

chocolate candy cup

Pearson Candy Company

Nut Goodie, Nut Roll and Bun Bars

old time candy

The Annabelle Candy Company

Abba-Zabba, Rocky Road, Big Hunk, U-No